What is 4th of July to Fort Smith Arkansas.

 When we still have Confederate monuments downtown. Where they have annual bike rallies in which they sell Confederate flags. When Confederates put flags on their trucks and intimidate our children up and down our streets. When Confederate flags wave through the neighborhoods of our children that are walking home from school. Where their dogs are barking at our children to harrass and terrorized them until they cannot move and we as adults have to stand and tell them that everything is okay. What is 4th of July to Fort Smith Arkansas. When we have a black mayor who does nothing for his own race and will celebrate America's Independence and ignore his own Freedom day that Juneteenth represents. The same mayor that used the platform of integration and segregation as a reason to be elected. And that same segregation and integration that is represented in Juneteenth was avoided. Will boast of white applause and ignore our black sisters in the streets who have questions of why there is no Juneteenth. What is Fourth of July to a Slave. You be the answer. Because we won't stop fighting until we are heard and we are seen.

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