Millions of transgender people still face discrimination


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    Friend, did you see the news?

    One of my first actions as a Congresswoman was to display a transgender pride flag outside my office. I did so to show the trans community -- which includes friends and family of mine -- that they are seen, heard, and not erased.

    Today, we must recommit our efforts toward protecting the rights of transgender Americans. Dangerous misinformation has been amplified by right-wing politicians and media figures, resulting in a disturbing series of state legislative actions across the country that target the healthcare and well-being of trans youth.

    Last month, I was named a co-chair of the Transgender Equality Task Force, an arm of the Congressional LGTBQ+ Equality Caucus that is advocating for legislative and administrative action to ensure that the trans community is treated with dignity and respect. I look forward to using this role to continue advancing equality -- because now is not a time where we can afford silence from allies.

    Millions of transgender people still face discrimination and violence at the hands of unjust housing policies, intolerant healthcare restrictions, and prejudiced creditors. We must pass the Equality Act to begin to right these wrongs and push back against the alarming state-level attacks on the trans community.

    All of us have a responsibility to speak out for human rights -- and trans rights are human rights. I'm grateful for all the support you've shown me in these battles, and I know I can count on you to stand with me throughout what lies ahead.




    Rep. Jennifer Wexton proudly serves the 10th District of Virginia. She's fighting to create a strong economy, ensure equality for all, and invest in a better future for America.



    We know this is a difficult time for everyone. Jennifer's first priority is your health, safety, and well-being -- only make a donation if you can afford to do so. Our entire campaign staff is working remotely and remains committed to ensuring that all in VA-10 have the necessary resources, information, and access during this time. For updates about COVID-19 in Virginia and links to community resources, click here. To review guidance from the CDC, click here.


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