My black history was not white enough for the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.

 It's me the President of the Black Independent Party. Robert  Gilyard. 

First black man to get a law degree from the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith in 2007. The first class that graduated from the college.. I am black history in Fort Smith Arkansas. But the whites at the University of Arkansas is bringing their own form of black people to represent our city and they're supposed to be representations of black folks from our city. How can I respect my Alumni when I see the same issues that were there when I was a student. These black folks don't do nothing but go to a college. Then go home. They ignore us. But they are the white people's favorite. Now we have to listen another year and watch them applaud them people that don't give a fuk about us. Because that's how black folks are in this area. They're just like white people they just have black face on. Over a hundred years our people in this town are ignored. And when we finally get a little bit of attention. White throw out of town blacks in our faces like we are supposed to like them. No. Fuck University of arkansas-fort Smith. The protest is on. Your advisors  told me that blacks dont graduate law in Fort Smith in 2003. I proved them wrong. This Black Independent Party has over 500, 000 viewers while u pander to white blogs that barely have 50000. I am the Black Lion  u hide in the kitchen. You will be ashamed when the world comes ask in for that Black Lion you ignore.. Because the world sees how beautiful I am..

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