BIP: United States Adjustments to ISIS

United States Adjustments to ISIS
Robert L. Gilyard
September 2, 2014
Gary Howard

United States Adjustment to ISIS
This paper is an analysis on ISIS terrorism and how the American criminal justice system can adapt to the rising trend of terror. Suggestions to change the situation, proposed changes, positive, and negative effect of the change examination. Explanation and proposed usage of criminal justice management support, financial, training, and human resources tools available to combat terrorism.

Situation: ISIS
ISIS is a new organization with origination from 2006’s Islamic State of Iraq (ISI). The disbanding of Al-Qaeda organizations and other terror groups combined their resources and financial avenues into a new terror group called ISIS. They are not a new organization; it is a combination of the failed ones. The American media outlets are aiding in their emphasis on image terror. Using Bin Laden’s terror playbook and how he used video and random acts of terror during American election years does not make ISIS a threat. It makes them predictable. The media, presidential lack of awareness, and taking advantage of opportunities is the basis of the strength of ISIS. Numerous terror groups combined into one for the purpose of a caliphate to solidified ISIS in April of 2013 while the American administration focused on social issues of Gay equality. Al Qaeda organization (AQI), Shura Council in Iraq members, and Soldiers of Prophet’s Companions are the main components of ISIS with headquarters in Baquba, Iraq,” (TRAC, 2014). They are staunch enemies of the Syrian and Iraqi government structures and prefer to be under religious laws like Sharia Law.
Solution: ISIS
ISIS supported by American gulf states, unknown financial entities, and other forms of media imagery giving them donations online. First thing to do is the shutting down of their servers, media, and anything threatening America. Terror acts and videos attacking Americans should banned from being displayed by all networks. If terror groups do not have the internet or media to relay their message in America, ISIS cannot recruit American sympathizers who turn their backs on America. Banning ISIS propaganda does not cost a thing. A ban by the Federal Communications Commission of all terror propaganda displayed on American media outlets, radio, internet, and television.
The financial supporters in the gulf states should be under investigation and all finances going out of America to middle east or other known terror areas put under National Security surveillance. The Department of Justice investigations on those companies receive money allotted in the Patriot Act. “Title V: Removing obstacles to investigating terrorism,” (Patriot, 2006). Section 505 of the Patriot Act allows National Security Letters assigned by a special agent.
The Patriot Act supplies resources to use on online terror, homeland terror cells, and media endorsement of terror propaganda. Free press only applies to American media. Tyranny is the founding father’s word for terrorism. Tyranny by definition is unreasonable and cruel use of power. The force used to create an Islamic state is the definition of tyranny. The people failing to use the constitutional resources lacked emphasis; the Obama Administration biggest mistake. “ President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States,”( AUMF, 2001). Instead of supplying a resistance at the Iraq-Syria border with air support. He made a presidential statement for the Iraq government to fend for themselves and ISIS took advantage of going to war against civilians in the middle east.
The rise of ISIS is one of the biggest policy mistakes in the recent history of administrations. Deciding to let heavily armed and financed terror organization attack civilians and governments weaker than them allowed ISIS to gain an advantage over the middle east. Only the administration fails to realize, the Bin Laden Family controls the middle east and any insurgency comes from their finances and the cells they sent to worldwide. The United States killed the man, not the family. Mohammad Laden owned numerous constructions companies and has over 50 children who now controls all of those networks legal and illegal. Osama was just one of his children.

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